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  • Dare to strike hard for your communication.

    Impact-Studio is a creative agency which supports you in the creation and production of your advertising campaigns, while offering affordable rates.


Our communication tactics will help you face the challenges of your market!

Impact Studio, is a small agency with big ideas. Its aim is to be flexible, mindful about the results of its work, and offer affordable prices without detracting from the quality of its creations. It allows small businesses and start-ups to communicate without breaking the bank.
Impact Studio has fashioned itself as an agency specialising in integrated, visual and audiovisual communication. However, we also have the capacity to offer you even more.

Dodge the lack of customer conversion, break the distance between you and your prospects, absorb the creative daring and innovation in the ring of your industry. Let's build your next communication strategy together.

Impact Studio is an agency that offers services without knocking out your budget.

Impact Studio is an agency that will help you achieve your communication goals at affordable prices, without putting the budget plan of your company out of action. Because communication is necessary to ensure the growth of any activity sector, we offer reduced prices – though without compromising on the quality of our offers. By removing the intermediaries and agency commissions, and by compressing the prices of its services,
Impact Studiois able to offer you competitive rates for its highly-creative offers.
Impact Studio has fashioned itself as an agency specialising in visual and audiovisual communication, regardless of the media. We strongly believe that all communication must be enhanced by bold images that support effective storytelling.

Our creative side-stepping covers Luxembourg, France and Belgium.

  • means as many services as there are fighting techniques in the ring.

    Impact Studio offers different services to cover all stages of creation and advertising production. We provide photographic and audiovisual production, event creation, digital communication, content creation, etc. We can also offer assistance alongside other communication professionals. And even ifImpact Studio places an emphasis, first and foremost, on offers built around the video and image format, it can also develop ideas for you that are suitable for all types of media and formats. Impact Studio offers ideas designed around 'storytelling', which give meaning to your communications and allow you to create links with your target.
    We develop all the techniques that will strengthen your 'guard position'.

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The creative coaches:

  • Alain Caviggia

    Creative Director

    In the advertising industry for more than 18 years, Alain is responsible for creative concepts, art direction, print & video production & script, video director, production and post-production.

  • Laurent de Broca

    Visual and Production Director

    A photographer for 20 years, Laurent is responsible for the studio, visual aspects for photography and video as well as for production.

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The Impact Production SARL-S
16A, avenue de la Liberté
L-1930 Luxembourg
Tél.: +352 28 488 833
Mobile : +352 671 097 647
RC : B237122 - TVA : LU31481118
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BGL : LU720030434739190000 - BGLLLULL

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Maïté Czupper from Club de Boxe MC Boxing Uccles (Brussels) - Boxers : Joe Stevenson, Luca Cabanas et Thorsten Crickx - Reebok Crossfit Brussels - Microlux - And to all those who will trust us for their next campaign.